Super Angel Juicer

The Best Juice Comes From The Best Juicer

Super Angel is the most advanced living juice extractor with all stainless steel construction in the world. Its time you should have a reliable, premium juicer. Free from the hassles of too many parts on assembling and cleaning, or long time waiting for getting replacement parts.Super Angel will take you out of those hassles you may experience everyday.

Super Angel Living Juice Extractor will juice almost anything from carrot and apples to wheatgrass and spinach. It is not limited to just regular juicing but you can enjoy soy milk and delicious tofu. The revolutionary, all stainless steel design incorporates a twin gear impeller press system that powerfully rotates at a low 86 rpm(the most ideal speed), that can keep all enzymes and nutrients alive in the juice. 



  • Reliable, Trouble Free for almost lifetime.
  • Ease of Clean-Up & Operation 
  • Worry-Free from plastic juicers ! It's all stainless steel construction, No plastic toxics.
  • Heavy duty built-in parts & body. No breakable parts, durable & simple.
  • Powerful 3 hp gear grinding force & Lowest 82 RPM for live enzymes and nutrients.
  • Compare with other juicers. Approx. 20 to 30 percent more juice and you save lots of money from purchasing produce.
  • Perfect for Juicing Vegetables, Leafy Greens, Fruits & more.
  • Less Heavier, only 20 lbs of weight stainless steel juicer. 
  • 10 Year Warranty including Extracting Screens of 5 year warranty.
  • New Glass Jar for Fresh Juice Collecting.