Berry Breeze

Keep It Fresh. Keep It Alive.

BerryBreeze™ is a compact device that filters and cleans the air in your fridge. Using patented technology, BerryBreeze™ fills your refrigerator with activated oxygen to neutralize bacteria, mold and other harmful microbes. As a result, your food stays fresh for longer and your fridge smells as fresh as a mountain meadow – all without the use of carcinogens, chemicals or harsh cleaners. Join the BerryBreeze™ revolution to enhance the nutrition of your food and keep your fridge smelling fresh and clean. You’ll be reducing food waste and protecting the environment at the same time!



  • Patented technology that’s scientifically proven
  • Helps foods stay fresh and retain their nutrients longer
  • 100% maintenance-free with no filters or absorption packs to replace
  • Fights odor so your fridge smells fresh and clean
  • Designed to reduce food waste and encourage sustainable food practices
  • Cures “sick refrigerator syndrome”
  • Helps you protect your family from foodborne illnesses
  • Conserves the resources of the planet we all share


BerryBreeze™ is a small (5w x 2.5d x 5.2h inches), lightweight (9.1 oz), battery-operated (uses 4 "D" batteries) oxygen generator with no filters to clean, and no maintenance required.