What is Considered Raw Vegan?

What is Considered Raw Vegan?

Truly raw vegan is when someone exclusively eats plant based foods that have not experienced internal temperatures above 107 degrees. There is some controversy out there as to what temperature foods can be raised and still be considered raw. There are those who say temperatures at 112, 115, 118, and 121 are still raw; certainly not all nutrient death will occur at these temperatures, but some of the more fragile nutrients will succumb to these temps., like vitamin C, B1, B5, B6, B9 to mention a few.

All Nutrients Work in Concert With Each Other

All whole unprocessed foods inherently house the necessary nutrients within that particular food and each work in concert with each other to maximize their absorption for the greatest benefit to the body. When these whole foods are heated the nutrients become less available to work with each other and their compliments are less available to provide the body with what it needs to build and repair. Even minor nutrient destruction within a food impairs the absorption of the existing nutrients because they would have needed the help of these missing components to assimilate fully.

Simple & Easy

An ideal raw diet would consist of an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. It doesn’t get any simpler, easier or better than this.