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  • Dear Curt,

    I learned about your business and your health journey from an interview you did with Kevin W. Reese. He has since become my health coach in helping me heal from RA. I was very inspired to hear that the doctors wanted to give you knee replacement surgery (your condition was that bad!) and that in a year and a half, 2 years you got better slowly on a raw food diet. I’m at the point where I’m not so inflammed, swollen, stiff, etc… However, some of my joints don’t have full range of motion even where the swelling has gone down. Some information I read on Dr. McDougall’s site said that success with his diet would halt the RA but not be able to help with already existing deformed joints. I was wondering if any of your joints seemed like they would be stuck or warped forever and how or if they were able to go back to normal? There aren’t that many people out there that I can ask this question since very few people are ever really cured, are they? They are just managing their symptoms… I’d be very grateful for a reply from you, I’m very inspired by your story and it keeps me going on the raw lifestyle. Thank you so very much!


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